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  • In some cases, women may not even get their time. This is called amenorrhea. The main amenorrhea is when you do not get your first period when you are 16 years old. This can be caused by a problem with the female genitalia, congenital malformations of the female reproductive system, or delayed puberty. The second amenorrhea occurs when you stop getting your normal period for six months or more.Common causes of primary amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea in adolescents include:anorexia Hyperthyroidism<br>ovarian cysts<br>Sudden weight gain or loss<br>to establish birth control<br>pregnancy<br>When adults do not menstruate, the common causes are often different. These may include:<br><br>premature ovarian failure<br>pelvic inflammatory disease (reproductive disease)<br>to establish birth control<br>pregnancy<br>breastfeedingmenopause<br>Lost time can mean you are pregnant. If you suspect you may be pregnant, be sure to do a pregnancy test. A drug pregnancy test is the most expensive way to find out if you are pregnant or not. For the most accurate results, wait until you miss your period at least one day before taking the test.The menstrual cycle is governed by hormonal changes and by the reproductive system, which occurs in the uterus and in the ovaries. Having a healthy menstrual cycle not only makes pregnancy possible, but has a direct relationship with a woman’s well-being.

    DAY GROW stimulate the hormonal system to produce the required amount of estrogen during the menstrual cycle, which is divided into four stages: the menstrual cycle (1 to 5 days), the menopause (1 to 13 days), the ovulatory phase. (day 14), and luteal phase (15 to 28 days). Finally, Macafem Healthy Periods promote a healthy and normal menstrual cycle by balancing hormones.


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