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  • LICO STOP Capsules Pakistan. LICO STOP capsules are an excellent remedy for the treatment of leucorrhoea and white discharge. It can also solve many other problems related to the female reproductive system. Women who suffer from bad hormonal balance often experience the problem of excessive white discharge. Getting out of the vaginal canal is mandatory as it keeps the passing walls moist and soft. It also maintains a healthy pH balance to keep infectious substances under control.When women are exposed to the growth of the infection it causes germs and microorganisms or any unknown substances or chemicals. The female genital area secretes mucus in large quantities to prevent an attack. It works as a way out of these dangerous viruses but for women suffering from hormonal problems this discharge occurs excessively and frequently. LICO STOP capsules containing pure herbs effectively suppress these bacterial attacks. It also restores hormonal balance to provide a quicker herbal treatment for leucorrhoea or white discharge.What the LICO STOP Capsules did

    Women due to hormonal imbalances and abnormal uterine contractions suffer from jumbled mens and irritating discomfort at the beginning of menstruation or after regular menstruation. Some women also experience severe or occasional bleeding due to poor health, hormonal imbalance, and abdominal pain. This herbal remedy for leucorrhoea brings great relief to such women by controlling the menstrual cycle and preventing overexertion of the uterus and muscle aches. The herbal ingredients of LICO STOP pills are also amazing in preventing healthy food shortages and providing adequate nutrition. Occurrence due to excessive bleeding or dysfunction. Therefore, they are able to maintain good health and great energy.

    LICO STOP capsules can be taken by women of any age because of their pure nature they do not cause side effects. These ayurvedic pills for white discharge are very helpful for older women who are experiencing menstrual symptoms or who are going through a menstrual cycle. Natural LICO STOP capsules for leucorrhoea in regular use greatly relieve those stressful menopausal symptoms and provide great relief.

    How to Use LICO STOP Pills

    Take one LICO STOP pill twice a day with water. It will helpyou to cure all your ailments.


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